Monday, September 14, 2015

Helping our garden: Reground and The Green Centre

Our garden has always been fortunate to benefit from the generosity of individuals and organisations (both commercial and not-for-profit) and this past month we've been approached by two quite different organisations offering us help with our soil. Given 2015 is the International Year of Soils that seems pretty appropriate.

Reground is a small business that collects used coffee grounds to divert them from landfill to be used for a worthwhile purpose. Ninna got in touch looking to see if we might be able to use some coffee grounds.

Amongst other things, coffee grounds can improve soil condition, adding organic matter to improve structure and help with water retention. They're high in Nitrogen and contain Phosphorous and Potassium all of which would be useful for our food growing efforts when added in the right proportion.We can also use it in the food forest and around perimeters. It deters slugs and snails etc. Anyway, we had a chat about how to manage this and agreed to give it a go. So now you'll see a black wheelie bin near the compost palace with with Reground logo on top full (although steadily emptying). The Friday session are handling feeding it into the compost bays.

The Green Centre are a family run business supplying residential, commercial and landscaping customers with quality organic garden supplies, instant turf products and red gum firewood delivery across Melbourne for over 20 years.

They recently got in touch looking to donate some soil, mulch or compost to us as a sort of sponsorship. We were interested of course but we've been caught in the past when buying commercial soils so we wanted to make sure what they were offering would be suitable for us. They were kind enough to deliver us a sample and it checked out so last Friday they dropped off a few cubic metres of their organic veggie mix for us! This soil can be used by personal plot holders to top up their plots, it'll be fed into the compost and used around the communal plots too.

So, a big thanks to our two newest partners. Cheers for helping us out and may our partnerships be long and fruitful!