About West Brunswick Community Garden

Our history

West Brunswick Community Garden has been around since 1995, when it was first set up as a traditional allotment style garden with large (at least 16m2) fenced personal plots, and a high fence around the entire garden.

Following various issues with the operation of the garden, in 2011 Moreland City Council approached the community looking for a group who would manage the space, and commit to its improvement and increased use by the community. We were fortunate enough to be chosen, based on our plan to provide a community hub for residents to:

  • Grow healthy, safe, affordable, organic food;
  • Share companionship, skills and knowledge;
  • Participate in and feel a part of their community;
  • Enhance their mental and physical well-being;
  • Learn to lead a more sustainable life.

Importantly, we also emphasised that the garden must be financially, environmentally and socially sustainable.

After a lease was granted in 2012, Moreland City Council bulldozed the site and installed a new, lower, fence around the garden. This created a more welcoming environment for the community to enjoy.

Garden layout

The garden is divided into three areas of roughly equal size:

  1. Communal growing space 
  2. Personal plots
  3. Shared facilities, e.g. compost bays, equipment storage areas, gathering space

The great thing about this layout, with large areas of communal space, is that there is no limit to how many people can join. No matter how you are involved, the garden is for everyone. Personal plot holders get involved with communal gardening, and everyone is interested in what is grown by plot holders.

The food from the communal plots is shared by those who share the fun of growing. Even the personal/household plots share some of their bounty too.

How we operate

The garden’s organisation is overseen by the West Brunswick Community Garden Organising Committee, a dedicated group of volunteers who keep the garden running. 

Learn more about our Organising Committee here

The OC is supported by the MCG Board. Read about the how the Board operates here, and view our Organisational Structure here

Useful links

We are always looking to improve the value our garden offers to members, the local community, and the environment. 

This Amenity Plan outlines our goals and action plan for the garden:

West Brunswick Community Garden Amenity Plan 2020 (2)_compressed

Get to know our members

Our members are the reason we exist. Below you can hear from some of them, and learn why they got involved and what they love about the garden. 

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