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This is a special call out for youth/adults experiencing some kind of disadvantage, including: mental health challenges, any form of disabilities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, Asylum seekers, migrants, lgbtqia+ members, older people, any other.

Have you had a hard last year and need to reconnect with nature and meet like minded community members?
Are you a Moreland resident and would love to join the amazing West Brunswick Community Garden?
Would you like to increase your gardening knowledge and join the awesome Angelo Eliades, facilitator of the courses?
Don’t wait any longer and come and join our 8-week course beginning next week (14th April).
  • Two courses will run in parallel (am and pm sessions), with 12-15 participants in each of them.
  • We have funds to receive 1 support staff/per group if needed (please get in touch if this is needed).
  • Participation is free.
  • Upon completion, participants will receive a 12 month free membership to West Brunswick Community Garden.
  • Questions? Contact Fransisca: communication@morelandcommunitygardening.org.

Please visit this link for further information and to register your attendance. 


Moreland Community Gardening thanks VicHealth through the Reimagining Health Grant for the funds to make this possible.

Why we love communal gardening!

Did you know that although our gardens have personal plots, over half of our garden space is dedicated to communal growing area? There are several advantages to this…
🌱 You don’t have the pressure of running a whole plot on your own. You can share the load with others! This is especially beneficial if you’re new to gardening.
🌱 If you go on holidays or want a break from the garden, you don’t need to stress about keeping your plot maintained.
🌱 Gardening with others is a great way to meet your neighbours and expand your knowledge!
🌱 The amount of people who can join our gardens is virtually unlimited, with no wait lists for joining as a communal gardening member (if you feel so inclined, you can join PCG here and WBCG here).
🌱 You have the option to adopt a personal plot in addition to your communal gardening membership, if one is available.
🌱 You have the space to grow a huge variety of different crops without being limited to your plot space & crops that grow well together.
🌱 There is always PLENTY of produce to go round. We often have so much left over that we give it away to people walking past the gardens!
🌱 Our plot holders get involved in the communal space too, sharing their knowledge and excess produce. 
If you want to check out one of our gardens before committing to a membership, come along to a working bee and say hi! You can see what’s happening here
Communal garden beds at PCG (a small fraction of the growing space!)
Excess produce at PCG
Communal pumpkin patch at PCG
Communal hydroponic system at PCG
Excess crops at WBCG
Communal garden beds at WBCG (a small fraction of the growing space!)

WBCG – Sofia’s Farewell

On Sunday 28th November we had a great Garden and Gather, with participants: Richard, Libby and family, Judith, Julia C, Melanie, Therese, Carmen, Val, Sofia, Rob, Nat, Kim McC, Laurence (‘Loz’), Marie-Paul, Jess and Christine K. Christine and Fred, and Cigdem and kids popped in too.
We did a lot of work, including moving the compost, harvesting the spuds, clearing beds W16&17, clearing beds N1A & 1B and laying black plastic, clearing bed N4, planting cucumbers in Bed 3N watering the northern end of the Food Forest (south of the path) and planting some seedlings.
We had a delicious lunch with so much variety and heaps of desserts too (wow we have some amazing bakers!).
And, most important of all, we said farewell and thank you to our dear colleague, Sofia, who has left us to go back home to Chile. Sofia has been a passionate and dedicated gardener, member of the Organising Committee, and leader of the communal garden beds. We gave her a farewell present of a Crumpler bag and a Merri Creek bird calendar. Thanks to all those who contributed.
Many laughs, tears and hugs were shared. We miss you already Sofia – safe travels home, besos.

Farewell to our wonderful friend John Coutanche

Many of you would have worked in the garden at West Brunswick or in the Food Forest alongside John Coutanche over the last few years. John was a massive contributor to the garden, and very much a quiet achiever. John was a very active member of the Organising Committee, a tireless worker in the communal garden, a keen and knowledgable seed saver, a Food Forest champion, wonderful company and a great friend.
Last Thursday, John lost his battle with cancer and passed away. He had battled sarcoma for a number of years and had been having treatment until earlier this year. The Organising Committee has organised a memorial (via zoom) this Sunday at 3pm. Please come along to share your memories of John or even if you didn’t know him well come and hear what a wonderful person he was and the amazing things he did for the garden and Food Forest. There are plans to set up a permanent memorial in the garden for him too.

Click here to join the Zoom meeting, or use the details below.

Meeting ID: 874 2626 4251

Passcode: Sn83bf

WBCG Amenity Plan

Hi gardeners!

We can’t garden together right now, but that hasn’t stopped us from thinking about the future of West Brunswick Community Garden, and how we can make it as wonderful as possible for our members and the local community.

To record our plans and ideas, we’ve created an Amenity Plan, a document that identifies the areas where we will focus our resources over the coming months (and possibly years…given the current COVID-19 situation).

You can read the full document here. You’ll see that we’ve set out a bunch of actions that will help us achieve our goals. If there’s something you’d like to be involved with, please let Jess (the Community Gardening Coordinator) know at administrator@morelandcommunitygardening.org. The more hands on board the better!

We hope you are managing to take part in some safe and socially distanced gardening at the moment, whether it’s at the community garden following our COVID-19 safety rules, in your own backyard, or even on your windowsill.





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