Food Forest working bee

Thank you to everyone who came along to today’s working bee in the Food Forest! We got loads done, including:

  • Removing the dying Kangaroo Apple
  • Cutting down the dead Abyssinian Banana 
  • Taking cuttings from our Mulberry tree
  • Smothering the Kikuyu around our Carob tree with (biodegradable) weed mat and mulch
  • Weeding the paths
  • Weeding and mulching around the Lime
  • Bagging our bananas to protect them
  • Most importantly, eating plenty of cake for Richard’s birthday!

It was great to meet some locals who discovered the working bee through the new noticeboard (it works!).

If you’re looking for tasks to do in the Food Forest, please keep an eye on the newly mulched areas and remove any weeds that make their way in. There will also be some more carob pods to harvest very soon – wait until they’re brown and dry before picking. 

Jess, Judith and Lindy
Mulberry cuttings
Ian & Richard
Garden helper
Huge olives!
Abyssinian Banana mid-chop
Food Forest working bee
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