WBCG – Sofia’s Farewell

On Sunday 28th November we had a great Garden and Gather, with participants: Richard, Libby and family, Judith, Julia C, Melanie, Therese, Carmen, Val, Sofia, Rob, Nat, Kim McC, Laurence (‘Loz’), Marie-Paul, Jess and Christine K. Christine and Fred, and Cigdem and kids popped in too.
We did a lot of work, including moving the compost, harvesting the spuds, clearing beds W16&17, clearing beds N1A & 1B and laying black plastic, clearing bed N4, planting cucumbers in Bed 3N watering the northern end of the Food Forest (south of the path) and planting some seedlings.
We had a delicious lunch with so much variety and heaps of desserts too (wow we have some amazing bakers!).
And, most important of all, we said farewell and thank you to our dear colleague, Sofia, who has left us to go back home to Chile. Sofia has been a passionate and dedicated gardener, member of the Organising Committee, and leader of the communal garden beds. We gave her a farewell present of a Crumpler bag and a Merri Creek bird calendar. Thanks to all those who contributed.
Many laughs, tears and hugs were shared. We miss you already Sofia – safe travels home, besos.
WBCG – Sofia’s Farewell
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