Membership at West Brunswick Community Garden

We love having new people join us, and everyone is welcome! There is plenty of garden space to go round. You can sign up via the links below. 


Communal Gardening Membership gives you access to the large communal gardening space and use of all tools and materials at any time. We supply seeds fertiliser, mulch, compost, and everything else needed to make the garden thrive. Our more experienced members will be happy to help you develop your skills.

All gardening members share the harvest that comes from our hard work. There’s always plenty to go around!

Once you are a Communal Gardening member you can also apply for a personal plot (at an additional cost).


This membership is for those who want to support the garden and deposit their kitchen or garden waste at the composting hub, but don’t want to actively use the communal gardening space. This membership includes site insurance and lock combination so that you can access the compost bins at any time. After signing up, you will receive a briefing on how the compost system works and can deposit your scraps at any time.

Don’t want to pay by Credit/Debit card?
The buttons above allow you to pay by credit or debit card. Would you rather pay another way? Click below to send us an email.  If you tell us who you are and what you’d like to do, we’ll try to help.


  • All Members of the West Brunswick Community Garden automatically become members of our parent organisation, Merri-bek Community Gardening (MCG). This gives you a say in how the garden and organisation is run, the opportunity to become an organiser or Board member, and a vote at the AGM.
  • Here’s some information about eligible concession cards.
  • All of our memberships are annual; you will receive an automatic email when your membership is due for renewal.
  • There are a range of personal plots for Communal Gardening Members who are also interested in tending their own private space. Once you are a Communal Gardening Member you can apply for a plot by filling out this form. An additional annual fee is charged for use of a personal plot.

Just the newsletter 
Alternatively, if you’d just like to receive our free newsletter so you know what’s happening at our gardens you can become a subscriber for free.

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