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Pentridge Community Garden

Pentridge is a new community garden within the grounds of the historic Pentridge Prison in Coburg.

The site is being redeveloped for housing, community facilities, cinema, cafes, retail and artists studios. The developer, Shayher Group, understands that a community garden is a perfect addition to the precinct and has made a site available.

A group of local community members has come together to design, build and operate the garden. Please join us and help grow our garden into a vibrant part of the Coburg community.

Getting involved

The Pentridge Community Garden is unique in that we have a large amount of space allocated to community gardening. This means that we can house a whole variety of plants, and that there’s always something different to do.

There are a few ways you can get involved:
1.   Moreland Community Gardening Inc. membership | $20This is the basic level of membership: everyone who becomes involved must pay this fee. This annual contribution pays for organisational things like insurance and annual reporting. 
You need to be a member to participate in any of our gardens, to become an organiser, to be on our board, help build, care for and improve our gardens and have a say in how our organisation and gardens work. This membership also gives you round-the-clock access to our compost bins.

2.   Communal Gardening membership | $50 full, $25 concession, $80 families 
Once you become a member of Moreland Community Gardening Inc. ($20), you can sign up for communal gardening. This is the big kahuna! It gets you access to the space at any time, along with tools, materials and mentoring from our more experienced members.

We’ll supply seeds and seedlings for communal gardeners to plant in the space, along with fertiliser, mulch, soil, compost, and everything else needed to make the garden thrive. You’ll also get to share in the wonderful harvest of fresh fruit, veggies, flowers and herbs that come from your hard work. 
The best part? Meeting locals and making new friends as we grow things together.  

3.   Apply for a personal plot | $30-$80 a year
In the coming weeks, we will have a limited number of personal plots available to people who want to supply their own seeds/seedlings and maintain their own space. To apply for a personal plot you must:
  1. Be a member of Moreland Community Gardening Inc. ($20)
  2. Take out a Communal Gardening Membership and regularly come to community gardening sessions.
To be notified when applications open, email

Contact us

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Where to find us

The garden is located at the corner of Murray Road and Stockade Avenue, Coburg - opposite Coburg Lake.

The 526 and 561 buses go right past and the 530 and 534 or the No 19 tram are pretty close too.! Or you can park in Stockadedale Ave or the new side street, Moonering Drive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the garden open only to Pentridge residents? No! Anyone is welcome to join us.

Do I need to have gardening experience? No! We all bring different skills to the garden and we are looking forward to learning from each other. If you would like to come along for some company and perhaps to learn a bit about gardening, that’s great!

How big is the space? The site is around 1500m2, of which 1250m2 is usable for gardening.

Can I volunteer my building/painting/woodworking skills? Yes! The garden is up and running, but it’s still a work in progress. We’ll continue to build and fill garden beds and complete the site over the coming months.

Will there be private allotments? Yes. We have a combination of communal gardening and personal plots (aka allotments). We’ll open expressions of interest for private plots in the coming weeks.

Is the garden wheelchair accessible? The entrance to the garden is accessible from the footpath with a slight lip where the concrete ends. There are no steps in the garden, and the ground is made of gravel with some larger rocks that may be difficult to navigate. The shed (shipping container) is not wheelchair accessible.

What can I put in the community garden compost?
You can compost fruit and vegetable scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds, pet and human hair, dried leaves, straw or hay, non-glossy paper (torn up) and cardboard (torn up).

Our organisation

Pentridge Community Garden has been established within Moreland Community Gardening inc. which also operates the West Brunswick Community Garden. This means we can share experiences and resources. The relationship also allows us to share governance, administrative and insurance arrangements that community organisations must follow.