Personal Plots

Getting a plot to grow your own food isn't easy anywhere, waiting lists at community gardens can be long and depressing. We've tried to manage our plots and waiting list in a different way to make the system more fair and equitable.

Getting and keeping your plot. 
If you are lucky enough to get a plot at the WBCG there a few things to know:
  • you'll need to attend an orientation
  • you'll need to read these documents (membership info and guidelines) and abide by them
  • plot fees are due at the end of June each year
  • you'll need to meet your membership requirement of 2 working bees per year (or make up for this by doing something equivalent) 
  • and lastly you'll need to be a resident of Moreland (sorry this is part of our agreement with council)

The waiting list …
Yes, we have a waiting list, it is longish but not too over the top, there are some things you should know about how we manage our waiting list to make space to grow more accessible for those who need it.

Firstly, to be offered a plot:
  • you must be a Moreland resident
  • you must be a member (i.e. your membership fees have been paid for the current year)

Next, our waiting list is not first in best dressed, we've tried to put those in need and those who are part of our garden community closer to the top. We do this by reviewing a range of things and allocating points. Here's how we allocate points and what they mean:
  • concession - you'll get 5 points if you have a concession card (none if you are not)
  • proximity score – you'll get more points the closer you are to the garden
  • gardening space at home – if you have no gardening space you'll get more points (we will check)
  • volunteer history – get involved, show us you're keen and come and join us for working bees or regular gardening sessions, this is the easiest way to get your name moving up the list
One of the great things about WBCG is our communal gardening, while you are on the waiting list you can come along, learn, garden with others, increase your volunteering points and take home some awesome fruit and veg.

Happy Gardening!