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From these humble beginnings Pentridge Community Garden has thrived and grown into a beautiful community space.

As part of their journey, Pentridge Community Garden Inc have set up their own organisation separate from MCG, and are now custodians of the site.

We are so pleased to acknowledge all the successes and positive actions that have been a part of the MCG and PCG relationship over the past 7 years. The members of PCG, represented by a passionate organising committee have built a beautiful community space, and held space for numerous partner organisations to grow and garden together. Licence negotiations, funding, grants and opportunities have been managed through MCG to benefit the Pentridge group and we are so pleased to have helped them grow this far.

You can connect with Pentridge Community Garden in their new virtual home:

Pentridge Community Garden –
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We are a community garden in Coburg, located within the grounds of the historic Pentridge Prison. Our space has kindly been set aside by Shayher Group, and we are completely volunteer-run.

Pentridge is different to most community gardens. Rather than focus on personal plots, our emphasis is on communal gardening, where we plant and maintain the garden together. It’s a lovely way to meet neighbours, and means there’s always something tasty to harvest.

We are always excited to welcome new members and there are lots of ways to get involved. 

Pentridge Community Garden are setting up as a new organisation – you can connect with them, and become a member at

  • Information about eligible concession cards.
  • All Members of the Pentridge Community Garden automatically become members of our parent organisation, Moreland Community Gardening (MCG). This gives you a say in how the garden is run, the opportunity to become an organiser or board member, and a vote at the AGM. A family membership entitles you to nominate two MCG members.
  • All of our memberships are annual.

Drop off your compost

Members of the public are welcome to deposit scraps during open hours – right now that’s Sunday mornings, or whenever the gate is open.

Check our Facebook page for up-to-date info. If you’d like to contribute to the compost any time, we recommend a Friend of the Garden membership.

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Pentridge Community Garden is located at the corner of Murray Road and Stockade Avenue, Coburg – opposite Coburg Lake.

The 526 and 561 buses go right past and the 530 and 534 or the No 19 tram are pretty close. 

Limited parking is available in Stockade Ave or the new side street, Moonering Drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the garden open only to Pentridge residents? No! Anyone is welcome to join us.
Do I need to have gardening experience? No! We all bring different skills to the garden and we are looking forward to learning from each other.
How big is the space? The site is around 1500m2, of which 1250m2 is usable for gardening.
Can I volunteer my building/painting/woodworking skills? 
Yes! The garden is up and running, but it’s still a work in progress. We’ll continue to build and fill garden beds and complete the site over the coming months.
Can I have a private allotment? 
We have a handful of personal plots for Gardening Members who are interested in tending their own private space. We notify members periodically via email when these become available. An additional annual fee is charged for use of a personal plot.
Is the garden wheelchair accessible? 
The entrance to the garden is accessible from the footpath with a slight lip where the concrete ends. There are no steps in the garden, and the ground is made of gravel with some larger rocks that may be difficult to navigate. The shed (shipping container) is not wheelchair accessible.
Do you have a toilet onsite?
We have a portaloo on site. If you prefer a flusing toilet, please use the facilities over the road at Coburg Lake Reserve or at Pentridge Shopping Centre.
What can I put in the community garden compost?
You can compost fruit and vegetable scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds, pet and human hair, dried leaves, straw or hay, non-glossy paper (torn up) and cardboard (torn up).
When can I access the compost?
Members can access the compost around-the-clock, and anyone is welcome to drop off their compost during open garden sessions (or whenever the gate is open).
Can my restaurant/organisation contribute food waste?
No, sorry. We only have capacity for personal quantities of compost. 

See what we have in store for the garden!

Get to know our members

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