WBCG Amenity Plan

Hi gardeners!

We can’t garden together right now, but that hasn’t stopped us from thinking about the future of West Brunswick Community Garden, and how we can make it as wonderful as possible for our members and the local community.

To record our plans and ideas, we’ve created an Amenity Plan, a document that identifies the areas where we will focus our resources over the coming months (and possibly years…given the current COVID-19 situation).

You can read the full document here. You’ll see that we’ve set out a bunch of actions that will help us achieve our goals. If there’s something you’d like to be involved with, please let Jess (the Community Gardening Coordinator) know at administrator@merribekcg.org. The more hands on board the better!

We hope you are managing to take part in some safe and socially distanced gardening at the moment, whether it’s at the community garden following our COVID-19 safety rules, in your own backyard, or even on your windowsill.





WBCG Amenity Plan
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